JILTED - Visual Development

Going into developing the look of JILTED, I aimed mainly to create as much of a 'storybook feel' as I could.


Character Designs

My characters are meant to immediately call to mind the stereotypical image of a beautiful princess and handsome prince who fall in love and live happily ever after. All of the characters have a specific color scheme. Princess Camellia is pink - a typical princess color, and the camellia flower calls to mind all the princesses that are associated the the rose. Prince Sterling is blue - blue is seen as a royal color, but also represents the sad and pitiful position he finds himself in. Anne is purple - representative of her act of bringing Camellia and Sterling together at the end with her in the middle (literally).

Going for the 'storybook feel', I decided to animate my film using Toonboom Harmony puppets. Thus, I gave my characters distinctive shapes and easily separated blocks to make animation smoother.

Environment Design

The film is set in a fantasy medieval kingdom, with inspiration heavily drawn from the 18th century French Rococo period. The environments are inspired by exquisite Rococo architecture and furniture - covered in ornate detail and worked with gilt. Specifically, I looked to the Sanssouci Palace in Germany for inspiration in the setting and layouts.

1 church_ref.jpg

For help in creating all of the layouts for my film, I created 3D mockups of my 2 environments. I then placed cameras where needed and took screenshots for reference.